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About Snoek Breeding

Our history:

J. en P. Snoek en Zn BV has been active in flower bulbs since 1959. Over the years, the company has grown into a professional breeding company. The company is located in Ens in the Noordoostpolder. The company was founded by Jan Snoek and expanded from 1970 onwards together with his brother Piet. From 1976 onwards, breeding has moved from a hobby to a real part of the business. Gladiolus was then improved in the crop. When the first successes were achieved (e.g. Applause, Jessica, Nicole, etc.) it was decided to continue in breeding even more. This resulted in cultivars such as Amsterdam, San Remo, Grand Prix, Zorro, etc. Gladiolus breeding continues to this day.

In addition to gladioli, the company also breeds tulips. At first modestly next to the gladioli, but soon a fully-fledged part of the breeding program. Some well-known cultivars from the beginning are: Guus Papendrecht, Jan Seignette, Asahi, Full House and Tineke v / d Meer. Nowadays, all tulip material is tested in our own water forcing facility. This allows us to introduce cultivars such as Marrero, Matangi and Cartago that are very suitable for this method.

Piet Snoek (picture 1 – left) & Jan Snoek (picture 2)

As the last crop, Snoek Breeding BV has been active in breeding the Eucomis. A large number of new selections have arisen, some of which have already been registered. The entire booth has since been transferred to Nic. van Schagen from Bergen.

The company is now run by Marchel Snoek under the name Snoek Breeding BV. This is the second generation. A lot of energy is put into collaboration. Both horizontally and vertically in the chain. For the gladioli, there has been a growers association affiliated with us since 1980 (Glaco Foundation). For tulips there is also a growers association of which Snoek Breeding BV is part, called Tuliko.


Snoek Breeding BV houdt zich bezig met de veredeling van tulp en gladiool.

The aim of the tulip crop is to make a good, heavy forcing tulip that is suitable for the water forcing culture. This coupled with a strong vase life. All seedlings are tested in our own water hatchery for several years. This provides a good overview of the opportunities in practice. Snoek Breeding BV takes care of the cultivation of the new seedlings with potential. The further propagation is provided by the cooperative association Tuliko.

In the gladiolus crop, the target is a heavy spike that does not burn in the heat and is not sensitive to Burkholderia infestation. This coupled with a striking color and flowers with a thick texture. All seedlings with potential are tested on location at the flower producers worldwide. Snoek Breeding BV takes care of the cultivation of the new seedlings with potential. The further propagation is done by the Glaco Foundation.

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